Are you ready for ESN ELTE MENTORCAMP in the ☀️summertime☀️?


What is Mentorcamp?

Mentorcamp is an event organised by ESN ELTE, where active and newly recruited mentors of different faculties can get together and get to know each other. Participate in workshops, and get to know the national and international work of ESN better.



2021. 07. 16-18.


Where does it take place?

At Angyalföldi Önkormányzat Ifjúsági Tábora, Gárdonyi út 29, Kápolnásnyék, 2475


How much does it cost?

6000 HUF including accomodation; 4 meals for 3 days, 2 nights; surprise merchandise and the programmes.


If you have any questions regarding the mentorcamp please do not hesitate to contact us and write an e-mail to


Since only active and freshly recruited mentors can participate in the event do not apply if you haven't been an active mentor for the last year at ESN ELTE. Considering the restrictions caused by COVID-19 please do not apply either if you don’t have an immunity certificate for the duration of the event. Thank you!


The attendance will have the following conditions:

Friday, 16 July, 2021 - 09:00 to Sunday, 18 July, 2021 - 15:00
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Anyone who has symptoms of a contagious disease or have met anyone who has in 10 days before the event, is prohibited to participate in the Mentor Camp. / Bárki aki az esemény előtti 10 napban fertőző betegségre utaló tünettel rendelkezik, vagy találkozott bárkivel, akinek hasonló tünetei vannak, nem vehet részt az eseményen.