The same often comes up: What does a mentor do?

Your mentor will contact you a few weeks before the semester. You can ask him/her for some information about Hungary or Budapest or where to get some papers. But keep in mind, that a mentor is student just like you. He/She can't give you any certificates or similar documents to that. For those you must contact for example your course coordinator (see the list of the coordinators for every faculty on the website of ELTE), immigration office, director of dormitories, etc.

After your arrival, your mentor will regularly inform you about social events and sightseeing trips, parties. There will be surely a lot of these, so you can find a lot of international friends.

He or she will help you with:

  • Meeting you at the airport, and travelling with with you on public transport to your dormitory/hostel. (to make sure, that you did not get lost and safely found it.)
  • Give advice about where to find supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant with normal food price.
  • And of course mentor can be a local friend for you, a company to spend time with.
  • If you want to search for a flat to rent, the mentor can help you with inviting you to some facebook groups or showing you websites where you can find one. Also with translating offers, or talk with the flat owners if they don't speak English. And the mentor can also warn you about scam offers, or dangerous part of the city.