ESN Budapest United Parties

ESN Budapest United is the cooperation of the 10 ESN sections of Budapest. The main goal of the cooperation is to host parties monthly for all of the exchange students in Budapest in a familiar environment, providing the good mood. Every party has a different theme according to the seasons, the holidays, etc. Related to the current theme, we organise various games and programs at the party place, e.g. facepainting, hairdying to make more fun.

International Dinner and Culture Night

A special type of event is the EuroDinner, where the students themselves have to make a dish, which represents their country. So they can introduce their homeland via food. These kind of events are really successful - for "unknown reason", but eating might have a role in this. There is usually an afterparty after the dinner. Since 2016 Autumn semester, we have added some folk song and dance presentations as well as Hungarian folk dance teaching. We also renamed the event for this reason to International Dinner and Culture Night.

Hungarian Film Club

The Hungarian Film Club is organized every two weeks. Its aim is to get international students to know a bit better our culture by presenting various Hungarian films (in original language, with English subtitles). We put a great emphasis on variety, we have films dating from the 60's up til last year, so you can watch both the classics and the most contemporary pieces. While we selected films that give you a cultural sense, our goal is that you enjoy them: all of the films are very likeable with great deal of humor! Can't wait to see you!

Football Cup

A whole day of playing football with international students from all over the world. We rent two football pitches, where you can participate in a championship and wonderful prizes and be the BEST football team of Esn ELTE! 
What we offer is the field, balls, highly qualified referees, good music to keep you fresh, lot of fun and joy and laughter.


We are sure all know how to party and have already travelled on a bus at least once. We combined dancing, partying and sightseeing in one unbelievable experience. This is the Partybus, where the „tour” is never boring and it is always ending at a club to continue the night there.

Pub Quiz

The Pub Quiz is one of our most popular regular events. Ten teams of international students meet up every other Monday at a local pub to compete in this exciting game which has proven to be best ways to make new friends. The first part of the quiz is usually composed of questions divided into thematic categories such as history, literature, and science, while the second part includes two picture rounds and one music round. The winners receive a prize at the end.

In case you wish to participate, please note that the event requires prior registration through a form published some days before the quiz on Facebook.

The list is not full! There is more to come...