ELTE has the largest mobility figures for students, academics, and administrative staff among higher education institutions in Hungary. We receive a large number of visitors each year. Therefore, we find it essential to provide our guests with a wide variety of accommodation, so that they can select what suits them most.  

As a mentor, we cannot arrange accommodation for you, but we can help you find websites and places to look for one and if you have found one that is promising, we can help you with interpreting the conversation between you and the owner or if you are not in the country yet, we might be able to check a few places for you in person.


In case you are interested in DORMITORIES, please contact Mr Tibor ÁGOTAI: dormitory@elte.hu and ask about available places. In the e-mail, please indicate: Your full name: Study area: Gender: Date of birth: Type of studies: [eg: Erasmus+/Stipendium Hungaricum/Freemover/Degree etc.] Level of studies (BA, MA PHD)

Please note that due to major constructions (in 2016-2017) ELTE has limited number of places for international students in its dormitories.(http://www.elte.hu/en/studentresidencehalls )


If you would like to live in a flat, please contact ELTE's partner agency:

SRS Homes (ROOMS AND FLATS) www.srs-budapest.hu Your agent: Martina GORONDY-WILDE: martina@srs-budapest.hu, tel.: 00 36 20 473 8128, skype: gorondywilde

Rooms are available at around 150-400 EUR per person per month. Please note that the real estate market is also limited in Budapest. Thousands of international students are seeking for accommodation for the next semester. We are strongly advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

Other sources

Apart from the options mentioned above, there are several Facebook groups and other agencies, which we suggest to our international students to look for an accommodation, but keep in mind that whese are not partners of ELTE. Ask your mentor to send these links to you!

Should you need any further assistance (after checking all three options above), please write to this e-mail address (housing@elte.hu) with the detailed request. Please indicate in the subject of the e-mail: "EXTRA QUESTION ABOUT HOUSING". Also, you can contact your mentor.


When you wish to rent a flat from a partner outside of ELTE, we cannot take responsibility. Do not transfer money in advance, only when you have signed the contract and you have the keys in your hands. Some students actually spend the first 1-2 weeks in a cheaper hostel and look for an apartment during that period. If you also choose to do this, your mentor will be able to suggest you some hostels.

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