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The ESNcard is the membership card not only from the Erasmus Student Network ELTE section but actually from Erasmus Student Network International.

You can use it all over Europe. There are partners of more than 500 sections across 42 countries.

With it you get:

  • European Valid card accepted by any ESN Section in Europe;
  • 10% off from your Ryanair flights and free check-in luggage of 20kg
  • Discounts on our Trips, Parties and other Activities
  • Discounts in Hostels
  • Car and bike rental discounts
  • Flixbus discounts
  • Free two months of Skillshare unlimited classes
  • 50% discount for the annual Premium account on Grammarly
  • and many more...

All of this for only 6000 HUF!


Sample ESNcard


Register the card in with just a few steps and get access to an international level of partnerships and discounts.

Can I get this card?

  • Any foreigner or mentors/buddies studying or working in Budapest can get it! (Please note that we can not give ESNcard to outgoing students; you have to check your host institution).

What do I need to bring to get the ESNcard?

  • Just yourself! :)

Where can I get the ESNcard?

  • In our office, during opening hours! 

I want to become you, partner, what should I do?

  • If you are looking for a partnership with feel free to contact us: