ESN Hungary

ESN Hungary is on the national level in the structure of ESN.

On national level ESN members are active in National Boards (NBs). They are on the national level of ESN the binding force between the sections, but are also acting as a link between the local and international level of ESN.

Some history

The first section of ESN Hungary was established in the city of Pécs in 1999. In the next few years other 6 sections joined.  ESN Hungary counts 15 sections all together.


Section nameCity
ESN BMEBudapest
ESN CorvinusBudapest
ESN DebrecenDebrecen
ESN EszterházyEger
ESN ELTEBudapest
ESN GyőrGyőr
ESN IBSBudapest
ESN MetropolitanBudapest
ESN MiskolcMiskolc
ESN NUPSBudapest
ESN Óbuda UniversityBudapest
ESN PécsPécs
ESN SemmelweisBudapest
ESN SzegedSzeged
ESN SZIEBudapest

National Board of ESN Hungary

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National Platform

ESN Hungary holds four-five National Platforms a year: in February, in May, in August and in November. The National Platforms are hosted always by different sections with usually 50 participants. It is always a 3-days event: ice-breaking and team-building activities on Friday evening, presentations and small sessions on Saturday, and votings, workshops and small sessions on Sunday. From 2015 our NPs became more workshop-oriented, giving more space for small sessions where participants are actively involved in the discussions.

Website of ESN Hungary

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