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Image of For students 2021/spring

Dear Students,

We are more than happy to welcome you at ELTE and hoping that you are doing well during these pandemic times.
To have the full Erasmus experience, ESN ELTE made a short guide for you to make sure everything goes smoothly during your stay in Budapest.
Please make sure you are following 
It is important because we are publishing every kind of updates (university and coronavirus) and events here.
We also made a WhatsApp chat group where you can ask your questions if you have troubles with something (like university administration or finding a roommate). You can join via this link:
You can write ESN ELTE on any of these platforms, we are trying to reply to you as soon as possible.


If you have troubles finding your perfect flat (or roommate) for the semester you can join to this WhatsApp group specially made for house-searching:


You can only purchase ESNcard at our office. The price of the card is 4000 HUF and only CASH PAYMENT is possible.
You can come to the Office at office hours which we are publishing every month.
We hope this e-mail helped you and if you have remaining questions, do not hesitate to reach us!
Best regards,
The Volunteers of ESN ELTE


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