Image of Mentor request for 2019/20 SPRING

Dear incoming students!

We are more than happy to introduce to you our new ESN mentor matching system called Papaya!

Please follow these steps in order to receive your mentor:

1) If you're coming to ELTE with Stipendium Hungaricum:
If you're coming with Stipendium Hungaricum please follow this link where you can register and choose a mentor yourself:

2) If you are coming to Faculty of Informatics please send an email to to receive your mentor

3) If you're coming with any other exchange programme (Erasmus+, CEPUS, Campus Mundi etc.) or you are a full time, self-financed student:
a) head over to and click on Log in with Facebook (please choose Facebook, as you'll receive your profile immediately and won't require our approval, which will cause a lot of delays). ChooseYou don't have Facebook only if necessary.
You can also download an Android or iOS app for your convenience ;)

iOS app (App Store):

Android app (Play Store):


b) click on exchange student, select Hungary as country you're doing your exchange programme in, and ESN ELTE as your ESN Section.

c) please fill out all your personal data, and make sure you select correct faculty

d) after that, you will be redirected to the home page, where all you have to do is click on buddy system and select join project.


After that, wait some time and you will receive an email when you get matched with your future mentor and you two can start chatting :)


If you have any questions, feel free to message us! :)