Image of Corona Announcement - updated on 21st of September
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Image of Corona Announcement - updated on 21st of September
Dear International Students,
Since your health is the number one priority to us, we decided to hold our events with reduced number of participants. At every ESN ELTE event we will measure your body temperature and provide hand-sanitizers for you. In case we are noticing COVID-19 symptoms on you, you will be obliged to leave the event.
if you participated any of Erasmus Life Budapest’s events last week, we kindly ask you not to come to our events or any other ELB event since some of the crew members there had tested positive for COVID-19.
Regulations starting from 21st of September:


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory not only on public transport and groceries, but also in cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries as well as in health and social institutions, public service and postal customer service

  • Wearing a mask properly means that both your nose and mouth are covered

  • Nightclubs, pubs,  restaurants (whether it’s in indoors or outdoors) are all  going to be closed at 11pm - 500 person limit in an event is still alive

  • Not wearing a mask involves serious sanctions: you can be obliged to get off the vehicle and you may be fined in the amount of 50 000 HUF

Thank you for your understanding!
The Volunteers of ESN ELTE

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