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You decided to go on Erasmus alone ready to make new international friends?
Get to know other Erasmus Students and spend an amazing night in one of the ruin pubs in downtown Budapest!
At this event you can get to know other international students by skipping the small talk part. You neither have to worry about the awkward silence since you only have 2 mins to share your thoughts about a given topic!

‼️ See you in Grandio at 18:00 on the 3rd of February ‼️

If you have any questions considering the event don't hesitate to contact us on!

People shown in pictures that were taken and videos that were recorded during the event are not entitled to raise any financial or moral demands towards the organizers. These photos

and videos might be used in social platforms (including but not restricted to the organization’s website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.)

03/02/2022 - 18:00