Image of Magic mic stand-up comedy night
Image of Magic mic stand-up comedy night

Welcome to Magic Mic Comedy's inaugural show!

This is the first showcase of Budapest's best (or whoever was available) comedians, in association with ESN ELTE, hosted at Mika Tivadar Mulató.

Important: This show is in the big room in the basement – there is another show happening at the same time in Hungarian upstairs, which might confuse you. Just go down the stairs in the back to find us. If you're lost, look for the comedy show with the more handsome hosts.

The event is in English and is free of charge.

Meet your hosts: Lőrinc Réti and Sid Moorthy. Add them, say hi, slide into their DMs (please).

Your performers:
Mate Safranka
Ali Soufizadeh
Rebecka Vilhonen
Rupert Slade


Kitti Nagy
Kofi Sarfo
Eric Gruber
Noé Bex

An international line-up for an international crowd. See you there! ️

01/10/2019 - 20:00