Image of ESN ELTE Tandem Night Vol. 2

Join us at our first Tandem Night of the semester!

But hey, what is a Tandem Night exactly?
Tandem Night serves for the purpose of finding a partner with whom you can practice the language of your choice! You will receive a sticker with the language you'd like to speak in, and then we'll find you a partner with the same interest - so if you'd like to enhance your English, get better in Spanish, or even learn some Hungarian - join our lovely group on the 13th of March!

Thus this will be the place and time to meet some new faces, talk about your language and culture, and hopefully find someone that you can hone your language skills further with. :)

We will start at 19:00, please be on time and don't forget to register on this webform:

13/03/2018 - 19:00 to 23:00
Map to the venue: 

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