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Are you ready for invading Budapest while making friends at the same time?
If yes, then you’re in the perfect place!
But how can I invade the city, you may ask.❓
The rules are really simple:
you have to register on the link below - registration will be open until Friday (05.02) midnight
after registering, you will be assigned into small teams to complete 30 tasks together (you can see the link to the tasks below)
what is really important is that you have to document fulfilling the tasks
after completing all items from the list, you have to send your pictures/videos to until the 7th of February, 22:00 CET! - only one team member have to send the documents
Oh and one last thing… this is a competition, so if your team is the most creative, you will have the chance to win the big reward!
The competition starts on Monday (01.02) and ends on Sunday (07.02)!
PS.: It is recommended to plan your journey before invading so that you don’t have to commute from Pest and Buda all the time!
May the best team win!
The Volunteers of ESN ELTE
By registering you will agree to the Terms & Conditions of participating
Terms & Conditions:

01/02/2021 - 00:30 to 07/02/2021 - 23:45