Image of SocialErasmus Week 2016 Autumn has started

ESN ELTE is going to organize several events during the SocialErasmus Week 2016 Autumn and you can find all of them here:

Here is a list just in case:

Find the calendar in the gallery. :)

But what is this all about?

SocialErasmus Week is a biannual endeavour on behalf of the SocialErasmus project, where all the sections of ESN come together to organise activities and events to engage young people, both international and local, in volunteering efforts across Europe, and to show how student mobility can be enriched as a result.

SocialErasmus is an ESN AISBL project aiming to involve students and young people in volunteering activities in their societies, and foster a positive change during their mobility experience.

The National, and Local Coordinators of SocialErasmus from all ESN countries came together to organise over 450 activities during the last edition of SocialErasmus Week, and with a new generation of Coordinators and students involved this month, motivation is high and the stage looks set for a grand performance.

With over 520 sections in 39 countries all across the continent, each and every student will have the opportunity to leave their mark in their local society, and give something back to the communities that host them during their mobility periods abroad.

SocialErasmus Week Autumn 2016 will take place between the 7th and 13th of November.

ESN sections are busy organising activities and events to raise awareness and take action under the 8 ‘causes’ of SocialErasmus, - Animals, Disasters, Discrimination, Education, Environment, Health, Poverty, and Violence. Students can participate in activities such as food drives, clothes donations, animal shelter visits, blood donation drives, Erasmus in Schools - school visits and classes with local pupils, and countless other efforts to benefit not only their local communities, but wider society as well.

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