Image of Corona Information - updated on the 24th of May
Dear International Students,
According to the new restrictions, ESN ELTE Office is closed for an indefinite time. Moreover, ESN ELTE won't organize events until the university re-open.
Starting from the 23th of May (23/05)
  • Curfew is lifted - Obligatory closing hours of shop and catering units are lifted as well
  • Wearing masks in public outdoor spaces is not mandatory
  • Private events can be held up to 50 people without restrictions
  • Indoor events can only be visited by those who have the Covid-19 immunity card
  • Outdoor events can be held up to 500 people
Starting from the 7th of April (07/04)
  • Curfew changes to: 10.00PM - 05.00 AM
  • Shops can reopen from 05.00 AM to 09.30 PM - with the restriction that only 1 customer per 10m2 is allowed
  • Service providers can reopen
  • Restaurant and other catering facilities are remaining closed - takeaway & home delivery is still possible

Starting from (11/11)

  • Curfew from 8.00 PM until 05.00 AM

    • those who are going to work or coming from work are the only exception

  • All gatherings are forbidden

  • Restaurants are closed, only delivery is possible (factory canteens may be open)

  • Shops, hairdressers, and other craft service providers close at 7PM.

  • A general ban on events will take effect

  • On family or private gatherings maximum 10 people can take part

  • Sport events can be held behind closed gates

  • Amateur team sports are prohibited

  • Outdoor sports are allowed (when NOT in team)

  • Leisure facilities, gyms, indoor swimming pools, theatres, museums, zoos should be kept closed

  • Hotels can only accommodate business guests, not tourists.

New regulations starting from 3rd of November:


  • curfew from midnight until 05.00 AM

  • clubs (but NOT pubs) are closed permanently

  • in cinemas, theatres, sports events you can sit only at every third chair

  • in restaurants, entertainment venues and sporting events you are ONLY allowed to take off your mask when drinking or eating!


(Previous rules are still valid)


Regulations starting from 21st of September:


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory not only on public transport and groceries, but also in cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries as well as in health and social institutions, public service and postal customer service

  • Wearing a mask properly means that both your nose and mouth are covered

  • Nightclubs, pubs,  restaurants (whether it’s in indoors or outdoors) are all  going to be closed at 11pm - 500 person limit in an event is still alive

  • Not wearing a mask involves serious sanctions: you can be obliged to get off the vehicle and you may be fined in the amount of 50 000 HUF

Thank you for your understanding and take care of yourselves and your loved ones!
The Volunteers of ESN ELTE