Image of Constantly updated information regarding Coronavirus
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Image of Constantly updated information regarding Coronavirus

Since your health is the number one priority to us, we decided to hold our events with reduced number of participants. At every ESN ELTE event we will measure your body temperature and provide hand-sanitizers for you. In case we are noticing COVID-19 symptoms on you, you will be obliged to leave the event.
IMPORTANT: if you participated any of Erasmus Life Budapest’s events last week (2020.08.23-30. or before), we kindly ask you not to come to our events or any other ELB event since some of the crew members there had tested positive for COVID-19.
Thank you for your understanding!



  • Curfew from 8.00 PM until 05.00 AM

    • those who are going to work or coming from work are the only exception

  • All gatherings are forbidden

  • Restaurants are closed, only delivery is possible (factory canteens may be open)

  • Shops, hairdressers, and other craft service providers close at 7PM.

  • A general ban on events will take effect

  • On family or private gatherings maximum 10 people can take part

  • Sport events can be held behind closed gates

  • Amateur team sports are prohibited

  • Outdoor sports are allowed (when NOT in team)

  • Leisure facilities, gyms, indoor swimming pools, theares, museums, zoos should be kept closed

  • Hotels can only accommodate business guests, not tourists.



What is new:

  • curfew from midnight until 05.00 am

  • clubs are closed permanently

  • in cinemas, theatres, sport events you can sit only at every third chair

previous rules: (THAT ARE STILL IN EFFECT)

  • pubs are closing at 11.00 pm

  • Face Mask is required in groceries, public transport, theaters, cinemas, shopping malls and health care facilities

  • in restaurants, entertainment venues, sporting events taking off your mask is only allowed when eating or drinking



Starting from 21st of September:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory not only on public transport and groceries, but also in cinemas, theatres, museums, libraries as well as in health and social institutions, public service and postal customer service

  • Wearing a mask properly means that both your nose and mouth are covered

  • Nightclubs, pubs,  restaurants (whether it’s in indoors or outdoors) are all  going to be closed at 11pm - 500 person limit in an event is still alive

  • Not wearing a mask involves serious sanctions: you can be obliged to get off the vehicle and you may be fined in the amount of 50 000 HUF


Based on the current level of infection in other countries, the National Chief Medical Officer published a decision listing the countries and their administrative regions categorized as „yellow” and „red”, which can be found here:

The higher education institution shall issue a certificate in accordance with Annex 1 to a non-Hungarian student (hereinafter: student) for entry to Hungary. The identification of the student on the basis of their non-personal data (passport number and nationality) will be recorded in a central unified electronic interface set up for inspection by the National Police Headquarters. The student must contact the higher education institution of which they are a student, and must arrive at the accommodation specified in the certificate within 24 hours after entering Hungary. 

  1. From the territory of a „green” country or administrative region, the student can enter Hungary without any restrictions. The higher education institution may establish different, stricter rules regarding the student's entry into the higher education institution
  2. Upon entering from a „yellow” country or administrative region, the student must undergo a medical examination, which they must tolerate.
  3. A student arriving from a “red” country or administrative region of a country may be granted an exemption at the request of the competent local police authority according to the place of intended entry, thus entering the territory of Hungary may be permitted.

For the full information, please visit the following website:




On The Execution Of The Governmental Measures Taken Due To The Spread Of The Coronavirus Disease.


With regard to the institutional execution of the measures taken by the Hungarian Government on 11th March 2020, and the obligations made necessary by the epidemiological emergency situation affecting higher education, the ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body (in Hungarian abbreviation: JOKT) temporarily orders as follows.

The following measures are based on the video conference between the Ministry of Innovation and Technology as maintainer and the leadership of higher education institutions.

1. The Rector of Eötvös Loránd University orders a break for all students for the days of 12-13 March 2020 in the present BRIEFING.

2. From the starting date of the Rectoral break, until contrary measures of the JOKT, students are not allowed to visit the buildings of the University. All students are obliged to stay away from the University from 12 March 2020. Students of the University are not allowed to travel abroad during the Rectoral break and the Spring break. Students are requested to stay at their residence, if possible.

3. In accordance with the governmental decision, the Spring break of the academic year 2019/2020 Spring semester, revising the dates published in the Academic Calendar, is rescheduled to 16-20 March 2020 for students.

4. No personal customer service will be held for students from 12 March 2020. Student requests are going to be handled electronically. We kindly ask you, not to place information requests in this regard, as further briefing is going to be published within a few days on the University’s and the Faculties’ websites, also regulating the student card validation process.

5. With the exception of educational activities that require personal attendance of the students, the University continues to operate during the ordered Rectoral and the Spring break as well as in the period following.

6. The whole University continues its educational activities in the form of distance education from 26 March 2020.

7. In order to maintain the normal operation of the University, especially with regard to tasks related to the organising of distance learning activities, teachers, researchers, and members of the administrative staff are obliged to continue working during the ordered Rectoral break and the Spring break, as well as in the period following these.

8. Students of the Doctoral Schools are obliged to continue their research activities and to participate in distance learning.

9. We will take further measures on the new dates and modalities of the assessments (including thesis defence) originally scheduled for the period of the Rectoral and Spring breaks ordered above.

10. Based on the governmental decision, Hungarian students must leave the student residence halls and travel home by 13 March 2020 the latest. In this regard, ELTE JOKT is going to develop detailed regulations tomorrow. If in case of a Hungarian student no residence is available to go to, the student can stay in the student residence hall based on the permission of JOKT.

11. International students and Cross-border Hungarian students are allowed to stay in student residence halls.

12. With regard to all other measures, regulations of the BRIEFING of JOKT from 9 March 2020 are still applicable.

13. Measures in the present BRIEFING are in effect from 0:00 12 March 2020.


Further measures and information will be announced on 12 March 2020 the latest.


Budapest, 11 March 2020

ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body



As you might have already heard, the government has declared that all universities have to be closed from midnight. That means that from tomorrow everyone will have their courses online.
University will send out an official email soon.
That also means all of our events will be cancelled until further notice. We are sorry about that, but your and our own safety is our number one priority.
Moreover, our office will also be closed from tomorrow until further notice.
Take care and stay safe!
Best wishes,
Volunteers of ESN ELTE

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