Image of Budapest Art Brut Gallery Visit - ENDED
Have you heard about ART BRUT?
It is a French term that means ‘raw art' and it includes every kind of art that is made outside the academic tradition of art.
And now you have the chance to see with your own eyes what this actually means by visiting the Budapest Art Brut Gallery with ESN ELTE!
The name of the exhibition is ‘The power of spontaneity’. In 2020, the Hungarian Psychiatric Society has celebrated its 40th birthday. The exhibition aims at expressing their respect for the Society for their valuable activity it performs for the benefit of Hungarian psychiatry.
If you’re interested in this exhibition you have nothing else to do just register and come to the Art Brut Gallery at 14.00 on the 12th of February!
*We will meet at the Gallery at 14.00, and you will visit the gallery in two turns (because of COVID-19 restrictions). Between the two turns, you have to wait approximately 30min.
>>>Price: FREE
>>>Address of the Gallery: Budapest, Üllői út 60-62, 1088
Terms & Conditions of participating: