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About the project

ExchangeAbility is a long-term project of ESN whose main aim is to promote mobility opportunities and accessible Higher Education possibilities for students with disabilities. Additionally, ESN also wants to provide the conditions and opportunities for students with disabilities to actively participate in student life as well as raise awareness of the local communities about the topic.

What is ExchangeAbility?

ExchangeAbility aims to foster the participation of students with disabilities in mobility opportunities offered by Erasmus+. In addition, ExchangeAbility’s goal is also to educate ESNers in order to show them the way to organize inclusive events and what is more, to make the Erasmus Student Network an accessible organization.

Why do we do ExchangeAbility?

Because we are the biggest European student association and we believe that mobility should be accessible to ALL.
For us, it means that we want to make our organization accessible and inclusive.
For you and the universities, it means that we want to improve the conditions, provide information and promote mobility to students with disabilities.

Internally: Make ESN accessible to ALL. Externally: Improve conditions and provide information.

Why do we organize ExchangeAbility activities?

  • To promote mobility to students with disabilities

  • To raise awareness about disability among students without disabilities

  • To map university campuses

  • To train yourself in the field of disability

  • To promote inclusive environment

ExchangeAbility Week at ELTE

At ELTE we focus on the real experience during the ExchangeAbility Week. We organize events where the international students and the mentors can learn useful things about the disabilities in an interactive way and after this we show them the technical part, e.g. how can you communicate in case you have some kind of speech disability or how can you grab something from the middle of the table when you are in a wheelchair.

Furthermore, for us is really important to give information about the culture of disabilities, like the deaf culture. We had a really nice event when international students learned sign language words and short sentences. Hopefully ESN ELTE and the ExchangeAbilty Week gave the feeling to the people that they would like to learn the sign language and would like to know more about the beautiful deaf culture.


Official logo of MappED!

Another important step was the mapping of our university building. MappED is a part of ExchangeAbility and its goal is provide people with disabilities information about the accessibility of the facilities of higher education institutions. Read more about MappED on its website.

More interesting and lovely events are coming in this semester too! Don’t miss the ExchangeAbilty Week!

Below, you can find some photos from the previous semester about the ExchangeAbility Week.

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