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Dear International Students,

Between the 2-8th of May it's SocialErasmus week.It's a week when you have the opportunity to make the world a better place, to give back to your hosting country. Along with many other universities we are offering you a great variety of programmes this week, where you can do social volunteering.

Our programme goes like this:

2, May (Monday)
On this day you can join children on special needs pedagogy courses, such as learning and general skills development, movement development, speech therapy or school preparatory trainings. The members of Eleven Team are looking forward to meeting forign language speakers in order to help the kids develop their language skills too. The courses will be held between 15:00-19:00.

3, May (Tuesday)
Take part in a running competition held at Margaret-island to raise money for Mosoly Foundation, who are holding tale and art therapy for children, who have or recovered from Cancer. Put your running shoes on, and help this good deed!

4, May (Wednesday)
Help us make Budapest's environment a little cleaner, come with us and lets clean Hajógyári-island! We will provide you with the equipment, all you need is your enthusiasm towards protecting the environment!

5, May (Thursday)
If you like animals, especially dogs, this event was made for you! We are going to visitt a shelter at Tárnok (just outside Budapest), where lots of dogs are waiting for you to take them on a walk, have fun for a few hours with someone who cares about them! Dress up comfortably in clothes you won't be sorry if some adorable puppy puts their paws on, and licks it!

6, May (Friday)
Join us for a culturally colorful afternoon at Kikötő Foundation, and talk with the local kids, for whom this is a very rare, and very exciting opportunity! Bring us some tradition food of yours, teach us a dance, a song, a poem, talk about your country's history, culture!

Separate events are coming this week, for the programmes!

Hope to see you all!

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