Image of Silent Pub Quiz #SocialInclusionDays Edition


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This Monday the very popular and entertaining pub quiz series continues…


This time it’s a special edition.

During Social Inclusion Days we are bringing you the SILENT PUB QUIZ, an ExchangeAbility event.
The point is that you will have to discuss the answers with your team ‼️IN TOTAL SILENCE‼️, no words can leave your mouths. It's not the first time we organise this event, and it always turns out to be a great and popular Monday night. ;)

With this event, we’d like to raise awareness about disabilities in general, and give you the opportunity to handle a quiz night this way.

The process is the same, sing up on the registration sheet! :)


16/04/2018 - 19:00 to 22:00
Map to the venue: 

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