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The semester is slowly coming to an end, and as the Last Pub Quiz is always an expceptional occasion, we have come up with a very special way to show you our appreciation for being there with us every other Monday, and finally, for the 7th time.

For the Last Pub Quiz, two entire rounds will be devoted to questions that YOU CAN SUBMIT. Yes, you read that right: after all this time, you will finally be able to WRITE YOUR OWN QUESTIONS.

All you need to do is send them by email to, and after some fact-checking, they will likely be included in the quiz. Please make sure that the questions are clear, correctly worded, and contain legitimate information. Don't forget to always provide the answers. Questions that are ambiguous, or contain incorrect answers will not be accepted.

Deadline: April 30 (Saturday), 23:59.
Send your questions and answers to:
Subject line should contain: "Last Pub Quiz Questions"
Please note that depending on the number of questions submitted, some of yours might not be included in the game.

Also, this is most probably the last time you will see Andras as quizmaster, so if you happen to be especially fond of him, do not miss this opportunity.

02/05/2016 - 20:00
Mika Tivadar Mulató
Kazinczy utca 47.

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