Image of ESN ELTE Football Cup 2016

Dear Erasmus students and football players!

Gather your team and prepare for the greatest battle of the year! Win our wonderful prizes and be the BEST football team of ESN ELTE!

What we offer is the field, highly qualified referees, good music to keep you fresh, lot of fun, joy and laughter.
Girl teams are also welcome! :)


Please dont forget to fill our spreadsheet about the color of your teams shirt!

I. - The Cup and a bottle of Jägermeister and the glory of course wink emoticon
II. - Carton of Beers
III. - Two bottles of Champagne
--> Medallion and a bottle of wine for the Top Scorer
--> Medallion and a bottle of wine for the Most Valuable Player

The number of the team members should be 4+ 1 and 3 substitute players!

Applying Rules: futsal rules

Each team has to pay 5000 HUF to have a valid registration, but you will get it ALL back if you participate in the Cup. The first 8 teams get the chance to play.

You have to contact me to meet and pay it before April 29!
( )

You can bring your friends who are not from ELTE of course!

01/05/2016 - 10:00 to 16:00
Bogdánfy u. 10/B

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